Help SkyGuy Get Funded!

Posted October 27th, 2008 by SkyGuy

I have a very unique opportunity that could really help SkyGuy take off!

The Knight News Challenge is giving away millions of dollars for the development and distribution of neighborhood and community-focused news projects. Since SkyGuy is on the web, and is therefore global in its presence, you might think this isn’t the type of grant SkyGuy would be appropriate for.

Fortunately, there is such a large concentration of world-class space and atmospheric scientists right here in my back yard: Colorado’s Front Range. In fact, virtually every major discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope involves scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder. So, SkyGuy might be just what the Knight Foundation is looking for. Add to that my volunteering efforts with Fiske planetarium and the resources they can provide this project, and we have a match!

Of course, there’s a lot of space science happening all over the place. I won’t stop covering that. It’s just, for a year, I will have a special focus on what is happening here in Colorado.

What can you do to help? Simple! Just go here RIGHT NOW and create an account at the Knight News Challenge. Then you can comment on and rate my grant proposal. Knight really wants to know what people think about these proposals. Every single comment helps make it more likely SkyGuy can become a truly great source of science knowledge (and fun!) for kids!

My final proposal must be in by November 1st, so the sooner you comment, the better!

Thanks for your support, and please tell all your friends!

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